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Sargon Latchin, born 1989 in London, is a British - Iraqi that spent his formative years in the Middle East and then moved back to the UK to study Architecture at London Southbank University.

He comes from a family of designers with his father, Dinkha Latchin, being the preffered Architect of the Saddam Hussein regime, and sister, Leila Latchin, having previously been the Head of Interiors at Wallpaper* Magazine.After completing his Part 1 in Architecture he worked for Ayad Al-Tuhafi, a UK based Saudi Architect, Gambert Engineers in Sharjah, UAE, and Zaha Hadid in the UK.

He then completed his Part 2 and became concerned with the other facets of architecture that were available. It was at this point that he began to apply the skills he had learnt to film and photography, and to begin his research into Contemporary Art and Expression. Along with Walid Al Wawi, he founded Samt, a space allowing freedom of research and exhibition for Middle Eastern Artists.He also became increasingly interested in the environment and from this developed The Recycled Candle Company, a sustainable company that not only uses recycled materials but prevents the addition of reusable materials being added to landfill.

For any enquiries please email: sargon@sargonlatchin.com

Or call:+44 7540 462 401